What Is the Value of UI and UX Development in Business Growth?

03 November 2021 6 min read

By Blank Theory

Great user experience and user interface are two of the most important things that a business must get right if they want to grow. One single bad experience can transform a customer into a critic of a brand for life. So it’s imperative that the customer has the best possible experience. But, of course, what exactly is UI and UX, and why exactly is it so vital? At Blank Theory, we specialise in digital marketing designed to maximise UI and UX, so not only do we know what makes great UI and UX but we know why it’s so crucial for business.

What Exactly Is UI & UX Development?

While user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) often get lumped together, they are actually two distinct though connected things. UX is the internal emotional and intellectual response a person has as they interact with a business, from social media, to the website, to the goods and services. Even the branding the business provides needs to be considered for UX and UI. Anything a customer experiences while interacting with your business is part of their user experience.

UI, on the other hand, is anything a person interacts with when using a digital product: the screens, sounds, pages, and visual elements. UI is a part of the UX, though UI only applies to digital products and services. UI is what that someone will do when using a digital service or product. The UX is what the person feels during the process.

UI and UX development is simply the process of developing good UI and UX. As UI is a part of UX, they should work in tandem to ensure the customer experience is the best it can be.

What Is Good UI & UX?

Good UI should look appropriate for its purpose and be easy and pleasurable to use. It shouldn’t necessarily rely on simple touch screens or keyboards but can be voice controlled or have a gesture-based interface – UI should be appropriate for its purpose though. UI should be enjoyable, predict user’s needs and communicate brand values to reinforce the user’s trust. Good UI will also take in the accessibility needs of all its customers. Having a website that functions across all platforms or having fonts that can be easily read or magnified are considerations that will improve UI and thus UX as well.

Good UX should, above everything else, stick in people’s memories. Every aspect of the customer’s interaction with the business must be considered as UX applies to the whole customer journey. This means the entire process of product design, branding, and selling the product should be pleasurable, efficient, fun and relevant. Though it’s true that what makes good UX will vary from business to business, it must always meet the customer’s needs. That’s why knowing your consumer intimately is so crucial for creating amazing UX.

What’s the Value of UX & UI?

Keeps the Business Focused

UX and UI forces a business to examine its entire operations. From its branding to its website and the products or services it sells. UX and UI development will mean a business has to answer questions on how their customers will use the business’s website and why their customers would want to use the business’s website. This focuses the business on their core attributes and strengths, and starts them strong from the get go. 

By focusing on maximising the UX and UI, it helps make the product and website as good as it can be. By keeping customers’ needs, habits, and satisfaction at the heart of everything the business does, UX and UI ensures the customers stay as the focus of the business at all times.

Continued Growth Issues

By focusing on developing great UX and UI, you’ll ensure that your business continues to grow. By getting the UX and UI right from the start, and constantly tweaking it based on user feedback, you won’t have to waste time and money fixing large-scale errors or even starting again. The constant research and testing of designs mean that, even for large digital failures, you’ll be able to quickly respond to the demands of business growth and maintain a customer base.

Further, great UX and UI development will improve SEO. Things like the success of a user journey, ease of web navigation, and website patterns improve the rankings of a website in search engines. Through this you’ll be able to sustain business growth.

Expand Your Customer Base

As UI and UX development is focused squarely on customer demands, it’s a sure-fire way to generate loyal customers. Because UI and UX relies on user research, you’ll know exactly what your customers want and don’t want, meaning you can tailor your business towards their needs. This will make your business stand out from the crowd and continue to attract new consumers. Users judge things like usability and aesthetic very quickly, so focusing on developing a good UI will improve their UX and mean they’re more likely to continue using your website.

If your users find the process easy or enjoyable, they’re more likely to return to the website, as well as recommend your business to more people. This will boost your business’ brand, improve your reputation and get more customers.

Further, because you’ll have taken the time to make your website as accessible as possible, you won’t alienate customers who may otherwise not have had access to your brand.

But How Do I Know I Have Good UI & UX?

With UX and UI being so important, knowing you’ve trusted the right people for the job is essential. Blank Theory is a dedicated team of digital marketing strategists and website developers. We can build the perfect interface for your customers and craft unforgettable user experiences. If you want to empower your business and retain customers, get in contact with Blank Theory today.