Why a Web Designer Is Better Than a Website Template

19 October 2021 4 min read

By Blank Theory

When it comes to website design, to build, or not to build, is not the question. Because the answer is always build. Hiring a web designer over using a website template is always the better choice. You may look at the price tag and the project length and think I’ll get a template. But, at BLANK THEORY, we know from years of experience and for many reasons a web designer is always the better option.

Stand Out From the Crowd

The biggest advantage by far of a web designer is that your website will be unique among your competitors. While templates are versatile, they aren’t fully flexible, meaning your website can end up looking similar to other businesses. This makes it easy for yours to get lost in a sea of websites. With a custom-built website, you’ll be a lighthouse in that sea. 

Further, custom-designed websites can better integrate SEO requirements during the design and building processes. This means they’re more search engine friendly and will rank higher.

Design to Your Needs

A web designer can build you a website made specifically for your requirements, whatever they may be. No need to bother with unnecessary pages and functions.

Connect to Your Style

With a website designer, you’re in control. A custom website can be modelled on your business’ style, vibe and connect directly with your pre-existing marketing. Website designers spend the time to learn about your business’ brand, goals, audiences, and objectives, meaning the website you want is the website you’ll get.

Grow as You Grow

One of the best things about a custom website is that it’s adaptable. A website designer will be able to change it to reflect where your business is at any given time. At the beginning, your business may be small and you won’t want as many pages. But as your business grows, a web designer can add any number of pages with fresh features and rearrange them as you require. Plus website developers take all the stress and hassle out of designing and managing a website.

Support on Any Platform

Templates often have poor support, browser compatibility and usability. Some may have out-of-date coding or not be tested for mobile phone responsiveness. Further, because templates are built to accommodate a lot of add-ons and third parties, they’re a lot slower than custom-built websites.

Not only will a web designer be able to make sure your website is tested across all browsers and devices, but they’ll ensure your website has the most up-to-date coding with no unnecessary add-ons to slow things down. Further, your designer will be there to offer constant support for whatever problems you have or any mistakes that need fixing.

All This & More

Although web designers may need more time to craft a website than if you were using a template and can be more expensive, they definitely pay off in the long run. A web designer will ensure your website looks and functions spectacularly, so you’ll always outshine your competitors. 

At Blank Theory, we not only have amazing web designers but also digital marketing, SEO, content creation and branding services. So no matter what your requirements, you’ll always get the features and support your business deserves. Talk to Blank Theory to take your website to the next level.