Why Your Brand Needs a Branding Workshop

23 July 2021 3 min read

By Blank Theory

Branding can be difficult and stressful — you need to encapsulate your business’ vibe and ethos. But, when done well, brands can become global icons. With all this pressure, we at Blank Theory are bringing you the workshop you need to create a truly inspiring brand.

Step 1: Start With a Mood Board

If you’re unsure about your brand, then a mood board is the tool you need. Mood boards are a visual collage of what you aspire for your brand. They aren’t the final design but a big picture idea of the brand’s vibe and atmosphere.

Research Is a Must

Research is critical for constructing mood boards. At Blank Theory, we have a series of questions designed to ensure you get the most out of the mood board process.

Gathering the Greatest Materials

Anything can go on a moodboard: images, textures, inspirational quotes, anything you like. We’ll take the time to gather the materials that we feel best matches your thinking. People can also bring materials they feel represent the vibe they want the brand to have. This speaks to another fantastic thing about moods — they are superb for collaboration and getting everyone on the same page.

Step 2: Begin Workshopping Your Brand

Once you’ve got your starting point, you have to start your journey. The branding workshop is where the comprehensive details of your brand, its style, tone and aesthetic are worked out.

Discuss, Debate, & Question Your Vision

A great branding workshop will have plenty of discussion. The amazing thing about using mood boards as a springboard is that they demand discussion and justification about the materials chosen. The aim of this stage is to clear up any uncertainties and ensure everyone has a clear idea of what the brand is. This is why it’s important to have the whole team involved in the discussion. 

Refine Your Style

In this stage, the values and vibe of the business get locked down and we’ll morph the mood board into a draft style guide. Think of it like narrowing the focus to the image that speaks the loudest to everyone. Every style choice should feel like it belongs, and the overall brand should communicate clearly what it stands for.

Step 3: Finish It Up With a Style Guide

A brand style guide is the conclusion of the branding workshop process. It houses, among other things, the brand’s typography, tone of voice, colour, visual and design style, target audience, and digital representation all in one place for easy access. If a mood board is the vibe, a style guide is the detail. A style guide should be able to be given to a creative agency, new client, or employee, and leave no questions unanswered about the brand’s style. 

A brand style guide is a must for any brand. It saves time, effort, and money down the line, and keeps the organisation on track to do what it does best.

Starting Your Brand Journey

Running a branding workshop from scratch can seem daunting. That’s why Blank Theory’s team of creatives, designers and strategists can take you through the process step by step to ensure you have a clear, consistent, and inspiring brand worthy of a global icon. A brand is how your business speaks to the world, make sure you don’t say the wrong thing. Contact Blank Theory now.