What Does an Award-Winning, Sophisticated and Stylish Website Look Like?

10 March 2022 3 min read

By Blank Theory

Intelligent website design that offers top-level UX, and style and sophistication befitting multi-million dollar properties is hard to come by. Unless you’re looking at BLANK THEORY’s portfolio.

Tasked by Luminur Group with creating a website that encapsulated the property development group’s elegance and innovation, we rose to the challenge. 

Finesse, Function & Flair

Luminur Group’s website needed to seamlessly integrate the artistry of a diverse, luxurious portfolio with the functionality required for connecting and working with clients. Therefore, we hit upon visual interactivity. 

From the homepage onwards, the website is always in motion. Static images activate when scrolled over, modules flow smoothly and selected content is highlighted. These are simple touches but they deliver significant impact. The user experiences a sense of wonder, while their eye is gently directed to relevant content.

However, the minimal design ensures that the user is never overwhelmed. The content is allowed to breathe, providing a reflective space for the user to admire and consider Luminur Group’s striking work. 

Results, Recognition & Relevance

Luminur Group loved their website, but what about their clients? The results speak for themselves. Shortly after launching, the boutique design studio was seeing an increase in higher-quality leads coming through. It wasn’t just Luminur Group and their clients who loved the site though. 

Across the website design industry, the exemplary Luminur Group site has stood as a testament to our commitment to creative and original design. It has been recognised numerous times since launch. For instance, BLANK THEORY received a Special Kudos in the 2021 CSS Design Awards, ranking highly for UI, UX and innovation. In the same week, the website received an Honorable Mention and Mobile Excellence Award at the Awwwards. The site’s usability and originality was once more well received, but there was particular emphasis on its cross-platform functionality that guarantees a smooth and enjoyable experience on desktop and mobile.

Almost 12 months on, the site is still garnering attention from our peers. Most recently, it has been featured as one of Design Rush’s Top 10 Corporate Website Designs as an example of the best website design

So what can be learned from this site to create bigger, better and bolder website designs? At its core, the Luminur Group website embodies the BLANK THEORY philosophy: start with a blank canvas. Reworking or elaborating on an existing website will not lead to success. This is because a website needs to accurately reflect the brand or business and meet its needs — both now and in the future. When you start with a blank canvas you can address these needs from the beginning, customising designs and interfaces to perfectly suit them, rather than half-adapting existing frameworks.

Looking forward, Luminur Group’s website also highlights an ever-important requirement for functionality and form to work together. However, how this is addressed can always be innovated upon, utilising new web design and development technologies. 

What Will Be Our Next Blank Canvas?

Luminur Group offered us an opportunity to extend ourselves and see what we were capable of. Since then, we have crafted half a dozen more websites, each meeting the unique needs of our clients and challenging us to grow further as creative digital professionals. And now BLANK THEORY is ready for our next challenge.