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We live in an age where online presence is everything


From videos to high-quality images and colour schemes – our brains are hardwired for an engaging offering of visual communication, even if we’re not fully aware of such a process. Besides creating a pleasing aesthetic brand identity, visual communication also provides a great utility in that it can convey a lot of information…visually.

With so much information out there, the ability to ingest key information quickly is vital. Put succinctly, having a strong visual communication strategy is an integral part of online success.

Yet, defining what visual communication is and what it entails is non-negotiable. After all, it defines what we see and how we interact with a site. It is essentially an important surface level component of brands that can drive engagement.

we not only help beautify online businesses but also turn traffic into valuable conversions.


At Blank Theory, we have built a strong reputation when it comes to implementing quality visual communication strategies, and have helped many brands catapult their growth. As a respected authority in visual communication agency, we at Blank Theory not only help beautify online businesses but also turn otherwise redundant traffic into valuable conversions.


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