How Can Your Brand Benefit From a User-Friendly Website?

22 May 2021 3 min read

By Blank Theory

At Blank Theory, we help all kinds of brands expand their reach and surpass their own expectations. One of the primary ways in which we do this is through the design and development of a user-friendly website. For us, a user-friendly website is one that is intuitive, informative and engaging; inspiring all users to become loyal customers. This kind of platform can benefit your brand enormously and in a multitude of ways.

Foster Trust & Loyalty

Firstly, a website is among the most effective ways to market your business. Communicating the essence of your brand through a sophisticated platform will give potential clients the incentive to trust your products and services. Alternatively, an inoperable website that houses clunky, unclear content will not be able to accurately reflect your brand. 

Encourage Organic Growth

An accessible website that is easy to use will also boost your Google Ranking. A high-ranking website will attract more newcomers to your business and expand your reach even further.

Increase Leads & Conversions

A website that is appealing and easy to navigate will also encourage users to stay on the page for longer. The more time they spend on your business’ website, the more likely they are to learn about your services and follow your Calls To Action. In other words, a user-friendly website will make it easier to convert leads into sales. 

The positive experience of exploring your site and purchasing your products or services will furthermore encourage returning customers. A satisfied customer will also recommend your services to others and share your website, creating consistent traffic for your page. All of these factors combine to increase the generation of revenue for your business.

Reach More Customers

For a website to be truly user-friendly, it has to be accessible. An accessible website will open your business up to a wider audience, and give users the opportunity to visit your site on their mobile devices. Many companies make the mistake of creating websites that only operate effectively on a PC or laptop, but this oversight will significantly limit traffic. Many people prefer to seek out services on their phones, and it’s important to remember that if they are struggling to operate one website, they will simply move on to another.

Increase Revenue & Save in the Long Run

An additional benefit to building a high-quality website is that you save on future costs. Making the most of the opportunity to update your website’s development, design, and content will help you in the long run when it comes to revenue and future expenses. Meanwhile, companies that are unwilling to invest in their websites will have to deal with constant updates and website interference. While they might save financially at first, they will end up spending unnecessary time, stress and money on improving a site that could have been getting desired results from the start.

Get These Benefits & More With Blank Theory

There has never been a better time to build a user-friendly website. Whether you are looking to improve the one you have or create one from scratch, the experienced team at Blank Theory can make it happen. Reach out today and transform your brand’s website for the better.